NW Montana &
Glacier National Park:
The Ultimate Elopement
DIY Planning Guide

Save time.
Save money.
Curate your perfect day.

The ultimate montana elopement Planning GUIDE to help you curate and DIY your dream wedding experience

Are you READY to...
plan, dream up, & curate
your perfect wedding experience?

Spoiler Alert:
It’s not meant to be a burden.
It’s the happiest day of your life, afterall.

According to a study conducted by Minted, it takes the average couple 528 hours (or 22 full days) to plan a wedding. Mind = blown.

It’s time to break up with Google and rely on an actual expert in Montana wedding and elopement planning. Save yourself time, money, and way too many “I don’t care, you decide” conversations. 


The Ultimate NW Montana Elopement
Planning Guide /

For DIY planning your Glacier National Park or NW MT Wedding

The ultimate wedding and elopement planner without the private wedding planner cost.



100+ pages packed full of exclusive Montana elopement planning resources, tips, and inspiration.


Copy & paste vendor contact email templates.


Real couples’ timelines and activities that made up their dream day.


Tablescape lookbook. Yes, you can make a picnic table look chic!


Permitting and legal information for Northwest Montana.


Exclusive vendor lists, lodging options, and more. It's like an all-in-one vacation and wedding planner!

Your Investment/

More than just money.

How much is your time worth? Gone will be the days of endless Google searches, mindless Pinterest scrolling, and coming up more overwhelmed + even further from putting together your dream day.

1 Time payment


  1. 100+ page digital download with printing capabilities
  2. Elopement planning questionnaires + checklists exclusive to Sydney Breann Photography elopement clients
  3. Budgeting 101 for Your Dream Elopement
  4. Information for traveling to NW Montana
  5. The Ins-and-Outs of Glacier National Park & Elopement Locations (in and around the park)
  6. Curated and vetted vendor list for NW Montana
  7. Copy & paste vendor inquiry templates
  8. Real couples’ timelines, templates, and activities
  9. Tablescape lookbook
  10. Permitting information and what you need to know to secure your dream spot
  11. How to have a Leave No Trace Wedding
  12. Seasonal Packing Lists

meet your expert

Meet Syd: Your favorite elopement photographer and planner that cares about your story and making your dream day become reality

Hey hey hey, it's your gal Syd here! I’m in the business of documenting love stories as authentically as they occur. With over 7 years in the wedding and elopement industry (and over 130 big days photographed), I’ve witnessed trend after trend roll through, and soaked up a wealth of knowledge throughout my time as the gal behind the lens. As a recent bride, I know firsthand the amount of time, effort, and money it takes to execute the day that you’ve always dreamt of. 

It’s no easy feat, but the best part is: it’s your day; it should be designed and executed exactly as you envision.

That’s where I come in! It’s no secret that the planning process is overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. As a certified hype-woman, I’m here cheering you on, friend! This guide is a one-stop shop for my 7+ years of knowledge designed with you in mind. Each page has been carefully curated to ensure you get every penny’s worth of information, inspiration, and stress-relief. 

Think of this guide as a ‘DFY’ (done for you) wedding and elopement planning resource. You can thank me later. ;) 

If you’re here, you’re dreaming of a stress-free wedding planning experience.

Psst: you deserve it. You deserve to enjoy each and every moment of this chapter, save time, and money - without sacrificing on the perfectly curated day of your dreams.

This is for you if:

You value creating authentic, personal moments tailored to you + your person
You’re planning a Northwest Montana elopement
You have no idea how to make your dreams a reality
You value real expert opinions (and real couples’ experiences)
You’d like to save the $3,000+ it would take to hire an elopement planner

kind / words

You are going to be saving so much time, stress, and money!

Holy SH** Sydney!!! I knew this guide was going to be good but I didn’t know it was going to be THIS GOOD! WOW! 

Trust me when I say, you are going to be saving SO. MUCH. time, stress, and money if you get this guide. Instead of spending 200+ hours trying to figure out how to plan your own wedding /elopement with all the stress that comes with it .... get THIS planning guide!

As someone who works with weddings and elopements every weekend, I’m impressed. This covers things I wouldn’t have even thought of myself! 

This guide is IT! No, seriously. If you are planning to get married in the NW Montana / Glacier NP area you NEED THIS GUIDE! Sydney lays out everything you need from example timelines, vendor recommendations, email templates for vendors, permit information, and literally every other detail that you probably never even thought of. 

Sydney has KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with this Glacier National Park / NW Montana Wedding and Elopement Planning guide. 

-  Abi Jane

ten out of ten

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- Jess Brown

amazing! love this

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- millie stones


1) Do you have any discounts with the purchase of this guide?

Yes! If you decide to invest in a planning package with Sydney Breann Photography following the purchase of The Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide for Northwest Montana & Glacier National Park, I’ll reimburse you!

2) Does this guide cover all of Montana?

This guide is designed with a focus on Northwest Montana and Glacier National Park. While certain portions of the guide could be applied throughout Montana, I do not claim to be an expert outside of the aforementioned location!

3) Can I print this guide on my own?

After purchasing, you are free to print the guide! Further distribution is not permitted.

4) Does the guide include marriage licensing information?

Sure does! Including where to snag your marriage license near GNP, how far in advance you can apply, and more.

5) I see that you’re a photographer. Do you offer planning services for couples who are working with a different photographer?

At this time, my planning services are reserved for current Sydney Breann Photography clients. In creating this guide, my hope is to bring a more affordable, accessible option for couples planning their dream Northwest Montana wedding that may not be working with me for photography.

6) I have a question that you didn’t cover in the guide… How can I contact you?

Oooh, spill the tea! I wanna know if I missed anything. Feel free to DM me on Instagram (@sydneybreannphoto) or here through my contact page. I can’t wait to hear from you!!

7) Do you have plans to release additional guides for other locations?

At this time, I am most confident in my elopement and wedding planning knowledge for Northwest Montana and Glacier National Park. I never want to claim to be an expert in an area that I’m not 100% familiar with. Although I have no plans to release an additional guide (at this time), stay tuned to the blog for free elopement planning resources for additional locations.

can't find your question? contact me here sydneybreannphoto@gmail.com

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Worth Every Penny!

I was absolutely blown away by this guide! You can tell that Sydney poured her heart and soul into this by how detailed and thorough this guide is. She included everything (and more!) that you might need to plan your elopement and this guide eliminates SO much stress from the planning process. From location ideas, to detailed timeline examples, to vendor recommendations....she seriously covers it all. This guide is worth every penny to anyone wanting to elope in NW Montana!

-  Sarah Joy

No Fluff!

Dude, things I wish I had when planning my 2022 wedding. Every time I kept thinking “that’s got to be the end” there was pages more of info!! And things you actually need, no fluff or crazy wording that’s confusing or distracting. It’s so obvious how much Sydney cares about not just her clients, but anyone who is looking to get married. Her knowledge and expertise is so so valuable!

- Samantha Wantuch

everything you'll ever need is all right here.

Woah Sydney has done all the work for you! For so many folks, getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and this guide will help you become the expert in knowing of all the options of wedding planning in the Montana area. Sydney has taken a ton of time to put together all of her wedding industry knowledge, so you won't have to. After reading this guide you will be able to have all the tools to make decisions on how you want to spend your wedding day to best suit your needs. Save time and stop googling elopement info for hours, everything you'll ever need is all right here.

- Cece Boyle

What are you waiting for? Snag The DIY guide to curate your dream elopement experience

Leave the mindless Googling and doom-scrolling behind. Snag the ultimate wedding and elopement planner without the private wedding planner cost. With this guide, you’ve got everything you need - all that’s left is to add it to your cart + breathe a sigh of relief.

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